What You Will Learn

  • Effective teaching techniques and verbal cues for mama’s to be. 

  • The Expecting Mama’s Body: Anatomy and physiological changes, common discomforts of pregnancy, posture modifications, and which postures to avoid. 

  • How to support your students in creating healthy relationships with themselves, their partner and their baby. This session includes emotional healing techniques to offer to your expecting mamas. 

  • Sequencing for each trimester of the pregnancy and structuring a prenatal yoga class. 

  • Tools and techniques for mamas to be to have an empowered labor. 

  • How to relate to what an expecting mother is experiencing both emotionally and physically. 

  • How to incorporate yoga philosophy into prenatal yoga, and how it can contribute to healthy and balanced relationships.

  • Birthing trends, techniques and options. Pregnancy conditions and how to support them through yoga.  Some nutritional advice to offer expecting mamas. 

  • Meditation, pranayama and vocal toning techniques, designed for your expecting moms. 

  • Prenatal Partner Yoga.

  • Postpartum: What it is, the changes, and postpartum depression.  You will also learn  ideas on timing, postures and personal development tips that benefit postpartum.

Required Books

The Female Pelvis Anatomy and Exercises, Blandine Calais-Germain 

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, Ina May Gaskin


Upon registration, you will receive your pre-program package, which will include your welcome letter, program access information, pre-course questions, and recommended reading list.   Questions are to be completed prior to our Launch Meeting, held on April 17.

Required Props

2 blocks (or large stacks of books)



A bolster or thick pillow

Virtual Meeting Schedule

Schedule times are listed in CST TIME.  

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Saturday April 17, April 24, May 1, May 8

If you need to miss parts of the schedule, we are happy to discuss make-up time with you!

Getting Your Certification

You can start your certification submissions after March 28, or you can take your time. You will be awarded your certificate, which is registrable with The International Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Program.

  • Submit your first recorded 60-min prenatal yoga class for feedback, describe the theme of the class, what your action was and the effects of your actions.

  • Upon receipt of your feedback, you will submit your second 60-min recorded prenatal yoga class for feedback.

  • Your final video submission will be 60 minutes in length, and include asana, meditation and pranayama.

  • Submit your required reading Q&A Assignment.

Tuition & Payment

Tuition $575 USD


50 Hour Accumulation:

12 Hour Virtual Zoom Meetings

10 Hours Practice Teaching

10 Online

10 Hours Homework Assignments

8 Hours Certification Requirements

Payment Options: 

US Bank Wire, Paypal, Canadian E Transfer

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